Sole E25 Elliptical Review


With the One E25 Elliptical Trainer Review we try to be as precise as possible.

As said in our previous posts, SOLE offers some of the finest guarantees in the game.

When searching for an elliptical machine, the essential advantages sought are generally on efficacy (smooth process), truth (of data collection) and relaxation ( ergonomic management characteristics and comfy position/angles ).

Review Of Sole E25 Elliptical

Been doing some type of cardiovascular work out day-to-day (7 days significant work out tips including time should you be using cardio gear like an elliptical or bike, you do not need to reach any magic rate. According to our research, the One E25 elliptical is among themost affordable machine for the amount of quality you get. Coming in at well below $1,000, the Horizon Fitness EX-69 is a great balance of features, quality and cost. Believed both elliptical trainers compare positively to most of its rivals, how can it compare against each other.

Sole fitness equipment can be used by resorts globally; health club owners are replacing their old exercise machines with Sole gear. Engineered to surpass expectations, the exercise device performs nicely and provides under intense resort states and use. You might have the ability to assemble this unit quicker, but the primary part’s weight slows things down as you will want help transferring it. But once everything is together, there are roller wheels that let you transfer the E25 without any help wanted. With a heavy flywheel and high gear ration (in the new variant of the Sole E25 Elliptical), it is possible to just select these work outs and get amazing results in a brief timeframe.

Merchandise Reviews And Resources We Have gathered resources from around the internet to enable you to make your buying choices. When contemplating all the advantages mentioned previously, and the unique and be visually replaced by as nordictrack audiostrider 990 elliptical greatest cost substantially of the the while still getting a rewarding work out. Only at that price range it’s great characteristics and will supply you with that actual elliptical feel during training. Incline Resetting — The unique 2011 Sole E25 Elliptical was updated from your guide with a power tend, where you’re able to adapt with a 15 or 30 degree angle because you work out.

The JTX Tri-Fit Long Pace and Incline Cross Trainer( view lowest cost ) looks like a powerful piece of kit and there are high hopes of its extendible step and possibility for fitness tracking. When searching for an elliptical machine, the essential advantages sought are generally on efficacy (smooth process), truth (of data collection) and relaxation ( ergonomic handling characteristics and comfy position/angles ). Another excellent alternative is the elliptical enables an individual to move forward and back during their work out.

Sole have addressed this though with two hefty railings at the rear of the machine, and raising the diameter of the remaining frame. Our guidance (whatever elliptical you pick)would be to buy a different free standing enthusiast for several dollars from somewhere like Wallmart and put it by your machine as you work out.

This exclusive version includes an advanced foot pedal angle alteration that isn’t accessible in another version in this budget. The LCD screen on the SOLE e25 is big and lively white with a backlit LCD screen. Aside from it being heavy, it is among the few elliptical machines that really shines. While the ONLY e25 elliptical is a pretty complicated piece of machines to come up with, it’s doable.

The unique oversize foot pedals were designed jointly by Sole engineers, physical therapist and sports enthusiasts and made for optimum comfort and functionality. New on Exclusive ellipticals for 2016 is Bluetooth for linking with the One Fitness Program. The Sole E55 ellipticalis similar to the E25 but features quite a few developments. The greatest percent reductions are around the 50% mark for example such as the Fitness E20 Elliptical Crosstrainer accessible from Fitness Options. The step length on the E25 is a fine and long 20 inches, ensuring that it is appropriate for even the tallest of fitness enthusiasts.

Exclusive Elliptical Machines not only feature solid, quality parts, but an equally strong standing in the fitness business. This elliptical machine is comfortable to use and still gives you those much enviable results. This exercise device includes an eternity guarantee on frame, 5 years on electronic equipment and sections and 2 years on labour. Exercise your other body parts, particularly ligaments I augment jogging with elliptical workouts, or I migrate completely to the the games console, that’ll show the. The E25 features a hefty 19-pound flywheel and a high gear ratio not found on most similar versions.

Irrespective of what of e25 your exclusive elliptical review cost range both affordable and within harsh weather environments (both exclusive hot review elliptical of e25 and chilly). It’s of the same quality as the elliptical machines they’ve used at the health club – machines that cost $5000 and up. In addition , there are plenty of ideas this model can go just a little bit farther than some of the more inexpensive versions thanks to its powerful work out and additional technology. For many shoppers with $1,000 elliptical trainer funds the Sole E25 is a goodrecommendation. The trainer features an innovative detector systems and contains a pulse handle and a heart rate chest strap which might be efficient for tracking user’s on-going pulse rate. NordicTrack and Sole each have introduced technological inventions commended by separate review sites.

Nevertheless, and for $40 it was put right into my door, which actually is not too awful as Exclusive does not pay the shipping for last year versions. Although you can not say that the producer is double as positive in the E35 as the E25 because the guarantee is around twice as long, you can reason that Sole is considerably more assured in the E35 compared to the E25. Despite receiving a somewhat more mixed reception compared with their bestselling E95 Elliptical , the Sole Fitness E25 still has an impressive set of customer reviews. The Sole E25 Elliptical consists of a games console which is simple to work and whose screen measures about 6.5 inches.

While ellipticals from many other brands supply just one forwards and back footpath, the Sole E25 offers 20 incline degrees to allow you to target specific muscles. The Olympic ES-925D Elliptical Cross Trainer Bike resembles a pretty normal model for fundamental use and that’s because it’s. The system has a computer screen and a powerful tension support system but the only other bells and whistles are the heartbeat readers and transport wheels.

This attribute ensures that you could listen to music out of your iPod or another player by linking it to the speakers with this exercise device and love during work outs. Their gear will not have all the high tech bells and whistles other brands offer, however you will read again and again from Sole customers how powerful and durable Sole cardio machines are. Then you will end up able to ascertain which model may be best for you and your exercise goals.

Exclusive e25 elliptical trainer comes fitted with a hefty 25-pound flywheel and a high gear ratio offering a fluid and smooth operation, a silent drive system together with top end resistance, comparable to higher priced versions. It now includes power adjustable pace length of 20 -22 inches and 20 resistance levels, 4 more compared to the older version. The E25 has some added attributes for example lengthy step MP3/iPod connectivity and a heightened user weight of 147kg. To give you exact lists of pros and cons, we have personally read through reviews left on ecommerce markets like Amazon, to discover those points which were mentioned on a regular basis.

If you have a tendency to sweat a lot during your exercise sessions, you will be happy to discover this version includes tickly textured handles to prevent your fingers from sliding if they get wet. With the One E25 Elliptical Trainer Review we try to be as precise as possible. Retailers frequently constructing ellipticals for overweight and has not exercised in over a review of one e25 elliptical year, it is a HUGE step. Among the many cross-trainers on the marketplace is the Exclusive E25 elliptical The E25 Sole Elliptical combines the best of cardio and resistance training for successful weight reduction. The E25, Sole’s entry level elliptical trainer, has a 2016 makeover to provide better value than ever.

Again, rather, this operation is performed in addition you’ve review to of exclusive e25 elliptical be disciplined mechanically according to your choice of program. Only Fitness e25 comes with a power incline attribute that offers added resistance and at once supply distinct locations thus lets you diversify your work outs. The Sole e25 elliptical specifications show all these demands and incorporated lastingness into the layout. Most specialists concur that for the cost the Sole E25 elliptical is an extremely dependable machine. When it premiered, it was considered to fit the quality of Sole E35 (which it outstanding in every possible manner).

For instance, there are incline and resistance buttons situated not only on the primary dash of the elliptical trainer, but also on the handlebars.

SOLE says their E95 version has won Best Buy” awards, although they do not say from where.

After I Had read review of Stamina Inmotion energy Drink made remington Model 721.

This can be my brand new September 2016 Sole E25 Elliptical review, but first, thanks for making me the top fitness site 2016. This can be fairly normal for an entry level elliptical which is what the E25 is. The 1 year of work is significant as it’s on every elliptical. For instance, there are incline and resistance buttons situated not only on the primary dash of the elliptical trainer, but also on the handlebars. Our one small gripe with the EXCLUSIVE Fitness E25 Elliptical is the preset computer programs. The default screen is a 6.5 LCD, and Sole ellipticals for 2016 can additionally use the trainee’s own tablet computer or smartphone to set up workouts and track improvement. It is a give away of how tough the elliptical is and thus how long it could continue.

That Amazing Warranty – You may think that a unit that is selling at a very responsible price as you pay for the Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer might possibly cut corners on the warranty or support. However with this Elliptical, the warranty is terrific. The warranty you receive with your unit is unrivaled in the home gym equipment industry. And the support after the sale is top notch as well.

An Elliptical That Will Make Your Sweat – Having this Elliptical Machine around is like an automated version of a personal trainer. The sturdiness of the machine shows how well made it is. And it is that sturdiness and the workout the Sole Elliptical will give you that will push you to get an amazing workout every last time. This means you will sweat, you will work, you will get sore, and you will come back to use the Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer daily because you will also notice progress on hitting your exercise goals.

The Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer Review – Negative Aspects

Take Your Time Putting it Together – The instructions that come with the Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer states you can assemble it in 25-35 minutes and that is a great understatement. You might need to allow a few hours to put the home gym together. But it is worth every penny once you have it up and running.

Heart Rate Monitoring Prominently Absent – Unlike numerous ellipticals, the Sole E25 Trainer doesn’t make it user-friendly to monitor your heart rate during your workout. It is advisable to purchase your own heart rate monitor that plausibly works better than the ones that usually come with ellipticals. But it would have been good if this elliptical unit had a monitor to watch changes since heart rate is such an important part of your training.

Technical Info:


  • Height: 58”
  • Width: 27”
  • Length: 71”
  • Item weight: 189 lbs
  • Max user weight: 350 lbs


  • A heavy 34 mm steel frame designed to support a maximum weight capacity up to 350 lbs.
  • Heavy 25 lb flywheel and a high gear ratio means an extremely smooth feel with plenty of resistance.
  • 20 levels of eddy current brake resistance to ensure a custom tailored workout.
  • Two rear wheels which ride on heavy duty rails provide a smoother, more stable feel and reduce side to side foot pedal motion.
  • Custom designed oversized foot pedals with a 2 degree inward slope, which reduces ankle and knee stress.
  • Oversized, articulating foot pedals because not everyone walks the same way. They also reduce the numb toe effect and sore Achilles tendons.
  • 20 levels of power incline allow you to create completely different workouts that target areas of the lower body that typically aren’t hit with other machines.
  • Stationary handle bars with built-in pulse sensors for monitoring your heart rate. A heart rate chest strap is also an optional ad for highly accurate wireless monitoring.
  • Built-in cooling fan and water bottle holder to keep you cool and hydrated.


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Electronics & Parts: 3 years
  • Labor: 1 year