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AFG 5.1 AT Treadmill

$1,099.00 (as of November 6, 2019, 12:48 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details

3.0 HP continuous-duty motor; Speed range 0-12 mph; incline mph; Incline 0-15%
Tread belt 20 x 60″ with active responseTM cushioning; Specialty Folding H-Frame
Console display features LED brickyard, 2 4-digit LEDs, 16 digit alphanumeric LED, date & time

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Product Description

The 5.1AT is a solid treadmill that gives you room to move. The extra-large, 20” × 60” deck is ideal for longer strides and running at faster speeds. A 3.0 HP continuous-duty motor delivers more power and is still quiet so you can enjoy any level of workout without having to crank up the volume on your TV or MP3 player. Our exclusive proFILE™ performance tracking technology enables up to 2 users to monitor and evaluate a variety of workout statistics, including time, calories, pace and distance. An integrated Polar receiver for wireless heart rate monitoring is also included.
3.0 HP continuous-duty motor; Speed range 0-12 mph; incline mph; Incline 0-15%
Tread belt 20 x 60″ with active responseTM cushioning; Specialty Folding H-Frame
Console display features LED brickyard, 2 4-digit LEDs, 16 digit alphanumeric LED, date & time
12 Programs/proFILETM (Manual, Speed Intervals, Peak Intervals, Stamina Builder, Weight Loss, Golf Course, Foot Hills, Mountain Climb, HR intervals, THR Zone, Custom 1 & 2)
Warranty: Lifetime frame and motor, 5 Year Parts, 2 Years Labor; User capacity 350 lbs


Work out Variety: Target a number of objectives and keep every exercise interesting with all the 5.1AT's numerous programs.

In addition, there are 14 preset operating programs in this treadmill machine which can be 3 programs significantly more than AFG 7.3 AT. Other traits such as for instance incline, the selection of rate, operating area, and extra gear are the identical, nevertheless the costs are quite various: AFG 5.3 AT costs about $600 significantly less than AFG 7.3 AT. Most likely, such a big change could be because of the engine.

Therefore if this treadmill machine doesn't quite fulfill your allowance requirements take a look at our treadmill machine product reviews part to locate detailed information regarding a number of different brands and model figures.

AFG 5.1AT Treadmill Review

AFG 5.1AT treadmill machine is an upgraded form of AFG 5.0AT with comparable specification and features in term of horsepower, sound degree, padding and security. Since I do not have a schematic for the treadmill machine, I can simply offer you basic tips and activities to do. Above all, phone the maker and speak to the components department first, and get when they can e-mail you a duplicate associated with the fix manual or at the least the schematic and Bill of Materials, when they can not or will not, then phone right back and get the repair division while making certain to speak to a technician-they tend to be sympathetic with technical individuals who wish to fix their particular product.

Browse greater detail features and specification below for better overview on AFG 5.1AT. Dont autumn for the mass vendor trap of $2000 MSRP now $1000 off.. this treadmill machine ended up being never ever well worth $2000. From high-end wellness clubs to specialty physical fitness stores to sports shops, our items are offered in over 60 nations. These are typically in parallel with an ongoing Limit 5 Watt resistor, therefore can not be examined in-circuit. Work out Variety: Target a number of objectives and keep every exercise interesting because of the 5.1AT's numerous programs. Advanced Fitness Group's 2.0AT treadmill machine is an entry-level model that is quieter than your competition. AFG is element of Johnson wellness Tech (JHT), a name synonymous with quality physical fitness solutions for over three decades.

Fundamental: This treadmill machine is okay by itself but might look less appealing close to pricier choices. How to check out the rate settings is through beginning the treadmill machine at a slow speed. The smooth 7.35 treadmill machine has a great, big operating area, a really strong engine (3.0 CHP) great guarantee and great design features (such since the handrail speed and incline alterations). Within the summary, I would suggest you two models: AFG 5.3 AT Electrical Treadmill while the expensive AFG treadmill machine and AFG 2.7 AT Electrical Treadmill while the inexpensive one.

AFG Fitness 5.1 AT Treadmill, Treadmills

AFG 5.1AT Treadmill Review Editorial Team 3 This overview of the AFG 5.1AT provides specifications helping you compare several comparable treadmill machine models from Advanced Fitness Group. AFG 5.1AT treadmill machine is making use of orthopedic gear to simply help on padding that may evenly distributed through the entire product to guard bones, ankles, and knees. Our exclusive proFILE performance monitoring technology allows as much as two users observe and assess a number of work out data, including time, calories, rate and distance, that will help you achieve your physical fitness objectives quicker. It is possible to choose from; 3 period, 4 customized, 5 fat control, 6 train, 3 fast objective and 4 heart rate/health programs. The treadmill machine is extremely well-protected in about 70 or 80 pounds of package, lumber aids, etc.

Life time framework and engine guarantee, 3 Year components guarantee and one year work guarantee would be the response why you ought to purchase it for house usage. The presets consist of: handbook, Speed Intervals, Peak Intervals, Stamina Builder, fat loss, course, leg Hills, hill Climb, HR Intervals, and THR Zone Personalized 1 & 2. Having said that, the 5.0 has an individual fan and an increased fat ability (400 pounds versus 350 pounds).

The majority of you'll probably inform chances are (since its really obivous) that the AFG 5.0AT Treadmill is a greater version for the notorious AFG 5.0AT Treadmill, with an increase of noteworthy and quality functions in every facets, such as for instance hp, disruption phase, help and stability. We had been impressed using their quality procedures, design, and testing processes, plus the reviews will mirror these facts. AFG 2.0AT treadmill machine rates in a variety of nations and towns are going to be updated quickly.

Nonetheless it gets the even worse engine with 2.5 chp, but I would not state it really is so essential until you frequently operate with maximum rate. Periods, Stamina Builder, weight reduction, course, leg Hills, Mountain Climb, 5K, 10K, Intervals Heart Rate, THR Zone, Steps heartbeat, and Personalized 1 & 2. The AFG 5.1 AT treadmill machine has LED feedback windows and an 8-digit alphanumeric display showing exercise stats plus date and time. I did lots of research and also this device is at the top my list according to reading user reviews and good feedback postings through the manufacturer, Johnson Fitness.

A few setup choices: clients whom spend additional can steer clear of the hassle of assembling their treadmill machine and getting rid of packing materials; Bronze, gold and silver distribution solutions will require care of those tasks. Usually do not try to fix unless the system has been unplugged for at the least ten full minutes, and also then, be cautious-use your DVM to make sure that the DC power voltage is below 5 or 10 volts not to mention, just focus on it unplugged, not only switched off.

We particularly like the way the treadmill machine complements the big deck with an available design that does not block off the road of perhaps the many exorbitant supply swingers. The 5.1AT includes a Polar® receiver for cordless heartbeat monitoring that eliminates the inconvenience of contact grips and provides you a smoother, uninterrupted work out. In the event that gear is free, utilize the allen wrench to tighten the strain by adjusting the screws in the straight back associated with the treadmill machine.

AFG 3.1 AT is somewhat reduced than AFG 5.3 AT and has now less operating programs available, however in basic, it is the same model with various design and without pulse grips and polar receiver which will be certainly not essential all of the time. Note: all of the web sites, shops or shopping portals detailed above sell AFG 5.1AT Treadmill with discounts as well as other exciting provides. Warranty Suggestions:Lifetime on frame and engine warranties; 5 years on components, 2 12 months in-home work guarantee. AFG 5.1 AT folding treadmill features an LED brickyard and an 8-digit alphanumeric display for work out feedback and information display. AFG Sport 5.7 AT has a quite strong 2.75 CHP engine and also the sturdy 20×60 operating surface.

Many basic level treadmills just have actually a 1 ply gear and steel rollers rather than crowned rollers. The 5.1AT features a 3.0HP continuous-duty motor that gives a consistently smooth, peaceful and durable trip at every rate, and comes supported by an eternity guarantee. I simply got this treadmill machine and after doing a lot of research I must state I have always been impressed. This sturdy treadmill machine features an additional big operating belt and it is perfect for taller runners.

The foldable treadmill machine is MP3 compatible, too, in order to pay attention to your preferred tunes while exercising. As other AFG treadmills, AFG 3.3 AT had 2.5 CHP motor and 20 x 55 operating surface which will be pretty cool. The AFG 5.0AT Treadmill comes with strong and high top quality framework, keeping the merchandise constant and durable once you run using it. In addition provides you with a 3.0 CHP engine hp, 20″ x 60″ operating area and price as much as 12 miles per hour. For those who have simply lubricated your treadmill machine operating gear, reset the Lube Belt message for 150 kilometers after these directions. Additionally we usually do not suggest any seller for AFG 5.1AT Treadmill and a buyer can buy from where he or she gets most readily useful cope with quality of items, solution as well as on time distribution (delivery).

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Lifetime warranty on frame and motor


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