Proform cardio hiit elliptical trainer


It is an elliptical trainer but provides movement in a vertical ellipse as opposed to the traditional horizontal elliptical path of an elliptical trainer. This machine is a saviour for all those who want a low impact full body cardio workout WITHOUT the equipment taking up a large space in their home!

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer
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ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer
  • Go to ifit/activate to redeem your one month iFit membership and activate your equipment for unlimited workout programs and experiences
  • iPod compatible audio, 7 inches back lit display, 32 workout apps, 24 resistance levels, 5 inches elliptical stepping path with 10 inches vertical
  • Integrated tablet holder, EKG grip pulse heart rate monitor, integrated in handle controls, commercial grade steel construction
  • Multi function handlebars, cool air workout fan, Inertia Enhanced flywheel, oversized cushioned pedals
  • Water bottle holder, transport wheels, leveling feet, 350 pound weight capacity. Footprint 66. 7 H x 29. 25 W x 52 D Inch

Facts to consider:

  • This piece of equipment offers a motion which is more like that of a stepper machine yet it is an elliptical path (vertically). The dimensions of this elliptical path are roughly 10 inches vertically and 5 inches inches horizontally.
  • It is important to know the weight of the machine. It is actually heavy; 350 pounds isn’t less. But it has wheels for easy transportation.
  • The mentioned footprint is 66.7 H x 29.25 W x 52 D inches; so you can see what amount of floor area you need! It would only be around 30 inches x 52 inches of floor area that needs to be freed up in your living space.
  • It will offer a low impact, safe workout where your feet do not leave the pedals and you can adjust the resistance levels according to your needs. It helps you to tone your biceps, triceps, calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps in one go.
  • It is affordable.


  • Proform HIIT elliptical trainer is a well built, sturdy machine that offers really low impact cardio workout. It has well positioned handle bars , cushioned pedals and heavy flywheels to support rigorous workouts and a varied range of tension levels.
  • The handle bars are movable to an extent that they can be repositioned while you workout to tone your back, shoulders, arms as well as your abdomen. There are pulse sensors in the handles at your gripping position to record the heart rate.
  • The pedals are slightly oversized to allow you to move your foot a little (within th area of the pedal) while you workout.
  • HIIT is categorised with putting in full effort to exercise for a particular period of time and then repetitively taking rest for short intervals. The period of high intensity exercise is of oxygen deprivation which causes massive calorie burn and help build stamina. Whereas the general aerobic cardio also helps to burn calories and increase your endurance but at a lower rate.
  • There are 32 pre set workout training programs which have been designed by professionals. They include both HIIT and non-HIIT programs. This elliptical trainer help you to reap benefits from both types of exercise.
  • HIIT is highly strenuous; it exerts pressure on your heart. It is advisable to get your doctor’s advise before indulging in it.
  • There are 24 resistance/tension levels which can be used as per your ease and need. As well as varied resistance levels are used by the pre installed workouts and if you use iFit to make your exercise even more interesting and challenging
  • It has a 7” backlit display: which shows all the basic statistical information regarding your workouts.
  • This HIIT trainer is enabled with iFit which can be used by taking its subscription. This app will allow you to train live with professional trainers from different parts of the world and enjoy the natural terrain of that place. A virtual trekking experience!  This not only will make your workout more interesting but challenging too. It will also allow your trainer to adjust intensity levels according to needs.
  • Taking an iFit subscription is not a compulsion to get started with this machine. This is good, since everyone isn’t interested or is in need of this extra feature. Even without taking iFit, this equipment allows you to exercise well with as many as 32 inbuilt workout programs.
  • The console is user friendly and has a secure tablet holder, water bottle holder as well as a fan.
  • It has inbuilt speakers and bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone as well as Mp3 devices, to keep you entertained.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and 3 years for parts and 1 year for labor. It is also covered with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Important takeaways:

  • This is a unique elliptical trainer which has been designed to provide a low impact cardio workout which combines the motion of traditional elliptical and a stepper. It is a longitudinal ellipse.
  • The floor area needs to keep this machine is limited whereas you need to know the height of your ceiling before purchasing it. It will be best to have a  ceiling at least 8 feet high to accommodate a user measuring 6 feet in height. Roughly, we can say that this vertically standing machine is about the size of a refrigerator.
  • It is a sturdy elliptical which does not have any jerking, any lateral movements nor does it make any squeaking sounds. If you do experience any of these, it might be owing to the nuts and bolts not tightened properly. Call the customer care service to get the needed help and it shall work just fine.


  • Wireless heart tracking not present.
  • The display could have been better.


This is a decently priced equipment which will offer you the much needed low impact full body cardio workout. It is good with respect to its quality and functionality. Owing to good experiences from its past users and the renowned brand that it carries; it makes a wise purchase altogether.