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AFG 5.3AE Elliptical Trainer

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Elliptical designed for intense, regular use
Heavy-duty, 30-lb. flywheel
20 resistance levels


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The shortest distance between you and your fitness goals is going to get a little bit shorter when you get there with the help of the AFG 5.3AE Elliptical Trainer. A heavy-duty, magnetic flywheel and a full complement of resistance levels and workout programs will keep you challenged while you get your daily cardio requirements on this versatile and effective machine. Additional Information: Facilitates a natural running or walking motion Low-impact flat elliptical glide path Heavy-duty flywheel provides extra stability Ergonomic steel frame with powder-coated finish Quiet, efficient motion Contact grips with quick-touch toggles for adjustment control MAXtone gel pedals provide arch support and additional cushioning Easy-to-read LCD screen Displays time, distance, and calories burned Integrated MP3 and iPod compatibility Integrated fan and cupholder About Johnson Health Tech NA Johnson Health Tech North America offers high-quality, innovative products under seven different brands and is headquartered just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. They have specialized in the design, production, and marketing of award-winning fitness equipment for over 35 years.   Johnson Health specializes in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art elliptical machines, recumbent bicycles and treadmills. Their innovative designs include highly customizable workouts, data tracking and storing technology, and compatibility with MP3 players, including speakers. Many of their products feature several LED displays to better inform the user of progress, heart rate, and calories burned. Only through heart rate monitoring can one really track what kind of workout they are getting, so these functions are present on nearly all of their products. And of course, nearly all of their designs include preprogrammed workouts where applicable. This includes things like manual setting, hill climb, cardio burn, and endurance challenges. Elliptical designed for intense, regular use.
Elliptical designed for intense, regular use
Heavy-duty, 30-lb. flywheel
20 resistance levels
12 unique programs
20-in. stride length


This device includes an extraordinary 5 year guarantee in the framework, with 3 months on components and work.

The present lineup, priced cheapest to greatest, includes the 2.5AE, 3.5AE, 3.1AE, Sport 2.7AE, 4.1AE, 18.1AXT, 5.7AE, 3.3AE, 5.3AE plus the top-of-the-line 7.3AE.

Time will tell if AFG can carve market share far from industry leaders like Sole and NordicTrack.

Reviews Interesting Design And Solid Efficiency

AFG elliptical trainers are a brand new specialty lineup of physical fitness devices from Chinese owned Johnson wellness Tech, an organization which could not problem however it ranks on the list of top five of this biggest workout equipment manufacturers on the planet. As well as these 6 trademarked elements, per our latest AFG elliptical review all models consist of hefty flywheels (smoother, quieter movement), energy incline capability, at the very least a 20″ stride size (well suited for all individual levels), 20 opposition amounts, at the very least 10 various exercise choices, USB slot, exercise monitoring ability, integrated speakers, an iPod/MP3 pocket with an input jack, heartbeat ability, at the least a 325 lb. maximum individual fat, and an eternity warranty regarding the framework.

This device includes an extraordinary 5 year guarantee in the framework, with ninety days on components and work. The most effective exercises you are able to do along with your elliptical device consist of High-intensity Short Intervals, Hill Climber, Mile Repeats, therefore the Ladder. The AFG 5.3AE provides a robust 30 lb flywheel to give one to offer you a really smooth, normal flexibility. They've been re-branded as AFG machines because way too many associated with the $1000+ Horizon devices were certainly getting bad reviews. AFG 18.0 AXT Ascent Trainer - Provides an excellent, heart-pumping 'ascent' when doing climbing exercises.

SIXSTAR Certified Frame the look and construction associated with 5.3AE employs the ideal mixture of six key facets that induce the smoothest, easiest elliptical movement: close pedal and handlebar spacing, upright human anatomy position, an extended and flat ellipse motion, low step-on height and a heavy-duty flywheel. Both the AFG 5.3AE and AFG 3.3AE come with a good work out system that shows your work out stats such as for instance time, distance, rate, heart-rate (via pulse-grips in handlebars), calories, incline, system. AFG also makes treadmills, stationary bikes and add-ons for many of the workout devices.

Elliptical Machine Reviews 2017

The very best elliptical trainer of 2017 may be the Sunny Mini Stepper w/Resistance Bands, which supplies you with a 20 pound inertia weighted flywheel, 22 opposition degree and it is iFit enabled. One area where AFG elliptical trainers be noticed through the competition is within the means the business backs up their devices. As stated above, you may not find an excessive amount of feedback from clients as a result of it being a somewhat era, like its cousin item - the AFG 3.3AE Hopefully this is changing as time passes to provide us a more effective understanding of the internal working for the elliptical. The 3.1AE may be the best of all the models, priced within the selection of $1000 to $1500 based on where you purchase it. The 4.1AE is a hundred or so bucks higher priced. You will not find many AFG elliptical reviews online, since these devices aren't since popular as those made available from NordicTrack, ProForm, Precor along with other more traditional brands.

For the present time, you can do money saving deals on several of the most popular AFG ellipticals at Amazon or perhaps you can go right to the maker website for the total lineup. Elliptical workout machines are obtainable in many different sizes sufficient reason for lots of choices for house usage. The present lineup, priced cheapest to greatest, includes the 2.5AE, 3.5AE, 3.1AE, Sport 2.7AE, 4.1AE, 18.1AXT, 5.7AE, 3.3AE, 5.3AE and also the top-of-the-line 7.3AE. Elliptical workout machines are low-impact aerobic workout devices discovered in many commercial gyms.

Find and Compare horizon ex56 elliptical trainer prices list, study product reviews & buy kind horizon ex56 elliptical trainer online shopping at cheapest costs through the most readily useful shops. The 2.7ae Elliptical is made to manage an even more regular and aggressive exercise regiment, enabling you to simply take your exercise to another location degree. Both the AFG 5.3AE and AFG 3.3AE Elliptical Trainers are well-built with premium features and a lot of system choices and opposition amounts to help keep your exercises varied and challenging.

There are frequently more coupons available by reviewing the discount shopping guide for every single store featured above, but this selection offers you a convenient voucher overview and your AFG cost contrast serp's. The cost of horizon ex56 elliptical trainer differ when we speak about most of the items to be had available in the market. That is pretty impressive, and is apparently the typical of all Johnson wellness Tech elliptical machines…well-built, feature-rich and a great guarantee. Elliptical trainers are perfect dieting workout devices simply because they contain much more muscle tissue than other elements of the fitness equipment. Time will tell if AFG can carve an industry share far from industry leaders like Sole and NordicTrack.

Numerous elliptical workout devices have built-in computer systems that will make exercising for various physical fitness amounts and record time, calories burned and heartrate. The Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer Machine combines state-of-the-art technology with an ergonomic design to supply the very best performance feasible with an excellent selection of exercise choices to help keep you challenged and inspired. The elliptical device advantages you get is the fact that it is possible to tone the body, based on the method that you desire it will appear to be. This trainer has a quick impact, making it simpler to obtain on / off the device.

The warranty ended up being around $30 for 5 many years of in-home solution at Enjoy It once again Sports, where I bought my device (brand new). Make use of your tablet combined with the AFG physical fitness app to wirelessly get a grip on this elliptical, monitor your work out and monitor your workout goals. The end result is that AFG ellipticals are very well made and they are a good option within the $1000-$3000 range. The Sole Fitness E95 comes with a decent choice of elliptical device practices you are able to select from, such as the fat burn, heartbeat and interval ones. An elliptical trainer provides a whole body work out, bring the hands, feet and core workout.

Our 3rd most readily useful elliptical device for house may be the AFG 5.3AE , gives a tremendously smooth movement because of its 30 lb flywheel and offers 20 quantities of energy incline. The magnetic elliptical movement provides a tremendously normal and smooth selection of motion that actually works your entire leg and glute area. For the fairly tiny extra expense associated with AFG 5.3AE, you have a longer guarantee, providing you additional satisfaction regarding the quality with this heavy-duty device. The Kettler Elliptical Trainer is a sturdy cross trainer that is full of features to offer a high quality cardiovascular exercise. Find an elliptical that may help you tone your hamstrings without having to sacrifice convenience.

Headquartered in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, AFG designs and builds a type of about a dozen elliptical trainers ranging in expense from $899 to $3100. The Nautillus E618 permits 4 various individual pages plus the system also provides Bluetooth connectivity in order to monitor your work out information on supported smart products through the free Nautilus Trainer app or other partnered fitness apps. Both AFG elliptical trainers provide a 20” stride size, 20 degrees of energy incline, and 20 degrees of smooth magnetic opposition.

Nearly all elliptical devices have actually its very own elliptical device processes to exercise with, you must remember to record all of your sessions along with it. The devices stated earlier have specified it is sold with programs that can help make suggestions to ultimately achieve the type of toned human body you intend to have. The Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer has an optimized drive train, including a 30 lb effective flywheel system as well as ECB (Eddy present Brake) magnetic opposition which offer smooth and constant energy through the stride pattern.

The AFG 5.3AE could be the higher-end model throughout the AFG 3.3AE, offering more system choices (12 vs 8) and a weightier flywheel fat (30 pounds vs 23 pounds) - generally, the more substantial the flywheel, the more constant the energy. The Precor trainer has huge responsibility framework that is effective at handling a max individual fat of 350 pounds. AFG's front-drive elliptical trainers are installed with 14.5 to 30-pound flywheels (with regards to the model) to provide you with the smoothest elliptical movement you will find. With a huge number of hand-picked promotions and discounts available, the highlighted discounts are just from web sites that came back appropriate leads to your search for AFG rates, discounts and promo codes.

The 3.1AE was voted a Best purchase as well as the others suggested within the Ellipticals With Heart Rate Monitoring category. Enhance: I relocated it about 5 foot also it ended up being easier than I thought it might be. The equipment did leave quite an indentation into the carpeting after just a couple of months, so I 'm going to explore getting a mat to place under it. The 5.3ae Elliptical employs a heavy-duty 30lb flywheel to generate an incredibly smooth and effortless training experience.

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical trainer has a top speed inertia weighted perimeter flywheel. AFG 4.1 AE Elliptical - The AFG 4.1 AE features numerous work out choices with an electrical incline, big flywheel, and roomy 20-inch stride size. The business additionally really wants to be understood for superior solution, and elliptical reviews (though you can findn't numerous offered to see) tent to rate AFG's customer care and in-home technology repairs become satisfactory. Durable framing and a powder coated finish offer you self-confidence that this trainer will give you durability and robustness.

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Johnson Health Tech NA




2000, hundredths-inches, 5000, hundredths-inches, 24000, hundredths-pounds, 3100, hundredths-inches










Johnson Health Tech NA


Johnson Health Tech NA




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